STI Hungary ran for the eXtra (S)Mile

The Hungarian Ultrabalaton Run 2019 was a fantastic team experience

IMG_1102In May one of the biggest Hungarian run with 11,000 participants took place at the lake Balaton and we were there too. STI Hungary was not only one of the sponsors of the Ultrabalaton, which also supports A team of 13 employees actively participated in running the 221 km within 24 hrs. Initially it was also planned to use our STI temperature-controlled van with its ideal size to be parked along the running route for providing fresh and cool beverages to all running participants. Unfortunately, the weather conditions changed and it was too cold, so that it was cancelled for this event.

For the team of STI Hungary itself it was a very challenging project with months of preparation. All needed to train hard to be fit enough and make sure that everything in connection with the logistics part was organized perfectly to cover the 24 hrs. The run put each member to the test and their limits. However, by supporting each other along the way, all crossed the finishing line happy and successfully. All agree that this was a unique experience which enabled each one of them to learn much more about themselves. Looking at it from the STI Hungary work team perspective it made them stronger, grew them together and formed true friendships beyond work. Absolutely amazing what the team achieved together. CONGRATULATIONS! It is absolutely clear that they will be back next year to participate in the 2020 Ultrabalaton run in March!

The other positive outcome of this event was, that the organiser was so impressed with how professionally STI organised the provision of the STI van for the Ultrabalaton, that he asked if we could support during other events too. Obviously there was no hesitation and our team already supported two further runs. The ULTRA TISZA LAKE in July with 4,000 participants for which the vans parked at the refreshing points to ensure the supply with cold beverages and the BUDAPEST NIGHT RUN in August with 6,000 participants. For this event the vans delivered 7,5 tons of beverages to the refreshing points. There will be most likely more events to come to support.  

Great Team Work! Perfectly organised! STI TEAM ON FIRE!

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