Embracing the future – The German STI team moves into the HAVI office building

After months of preparation and a lot of joint efforts the teams of our holding STI Freight Management GmbH and German subsidiary STI (Deutschland) GmbH have moved offices to join our colleagues of HAVI and The Marketing Store (TMS) in the HAVI G20 office building in Duisburg. 

Moving into the new office building offers benefits to all employees – a very modern and digitally equipped work environment as well as a more flexible way of working through the option to combine working from the office and from home easily. Above all though it gives the opportunity to further connect with the teams of HAVI and TMS to strengthen and foster the daily cooperation through more collaborative and agile working processes for the benefits of our common customers.

“Giving our employees the possibility to work in a more integrated and cross-organisational way will enable us to share expertise and knowledge and by that strengthen our organisation to in the end create good customer experience.” Drazan Malesevic, Managing Director of STI (Deutschland) GmbH points out.

Kai Schuettke, Vice President of STI Freight Management Europe takes it even a step further: "We want to become the European digitally enabled Freight Manager and to do so we must ensure that we have the right tools and office environment for our teams to work towards our common goal and take quality the extra mile in everything we do!" A big thank you to everyone who has been involved in this relocation project and turned it into a success!

Both companies are now located here: Geitlingstrasse 20, 47228 Duisburg, Germany.

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