About mySTI in general

What is mySTI all about? mySTI is a communication and collaboration freight management portal - A SINGLE EASY-TO-USE ONLINE PLATFORM. mySTI shall enable and promote direct communication, provide complete transparency and control of shipments, analytical insights and efficient administrational day to day business.
Who can use and login to mySTI?
  • All STI and HAVI employees who have a valid HAVI Active Directory Account (User ID). Access will be granted to each user individually on request. Once granted existing STI employees use their usual HAVI/STI Microsoft credentials/user ID’s. New employees shall contact marketit.eu@sti-fm.com to receive a user log-in.
  • External users like Customers and Haulier Business Partners. A company account and a related customer admin user need to be created by marketit.eu@sti-fm.com. Once the customer admin user has been set-up each Business Partner company account can manage and grant access to additional company users.
What happens with my private data? Your personal data is required to process your login and access mySTI. We will process your data solely based on your informed consent and will only use the data for the purposes stated in the consent procedure and within the scope outlined. We will not pass on any of your personal data to third parties. The login data are kept as long as mySTI is actively used. in the event of inactivity, the account and the data will be deleted after 3 months. For further information visit STI Privacy Terms.
What do the different colors for the sub-menu choices mean?
  • Green – Customer only functionalities
  • Blue – Carrier only functionalities
  • Orange - STI only apps
Is mySTI available in other languages? mySTI is only available in English.
How can I find contact details in mySTI? a) STI employees only
  • a. Use the phonebook option to get access contact details of customers and carriers. The details shown are based on the Master Data entered in our current Transport Management System.
  • b. Apps like Truck Finder and Load Finder are linked to MS Teams and offer direct connectivity to your colleagues.
b) Customers / Hauliers / External parties
  • a. Use the options “Call, Write & Quote” displayed on the sidebar to connect with the related STI entity.
  • b. Transport related questions or services requests could be raised in the respective apps (e.g. Tracking) or via the Message center displayed on the blue Sidebar.
If I am an STI employee how can I filter and search for a specific business partner? a) Enter your Business Partner (BP) number or name (customer or carrier)
b) Specify by selecting the according STI entity


About mySTI @ a glance

What can I find here? Have the most relevant business KPI’s for on-time performance, delivery reliability, transport carried out and open tickets in sight.


What can I find in the Visibility section? This area offers you a complete control and data visibility over all shipments. You will be able to manage and track your active/live shipments, view historical data (<12 month) and upcoming transports (<6 month). mySTI makes everything more simple and seamless.
Is real-time visibility linked to the predictive ETA (estimated times of arrival) calculation? Yes, you can profit from constant updates about vehicle locations and ETA (Estimated Times of Arrival). Several well-known RTV (Real-Time Visibility) providers are connected to mySTI.
Planned and actual loading/unloading (time) information is shown in a general overview. For more information switch to the detailed view.
Which data is shown in the Live Tour Tracking area? Live Tracking data includes active transports, i.e. all load within the time frame of –24hrs to +24hrs.
Is my active transport / tour tracked? If the tracking symbol is green, the transport is actively tracked. If this is the case the predictive ETA will be listed. If not only the planned and requested arrival time will be shown.
Can I highlight important shipments? pinYes, the blue PIN button (available in many functionalities) allows you to easily pin/unpin shipments for better monitoring purposes.
How can I configure the live tracking of the truck locationCarrier Business Partners as well STI employees are able to match trucks and shipments for live tracking purposes. Please click on the green icon to enter the relevant vehicle license plate for the shipment/tour.
What do the different colors of the icons next to ETA means? eta Green - Transport is on-time - Red – Transport delayed
Can I leave a message for STI? Yes, the messaging option is available in several areas of mySTI, e.g. in all Visibility detail areas. Once received the responsible STI team will start to immediately work on it.
Where can I access messages received? Can I view messages that were sent in the past? a) Yes, via the Message Center listed in the Blue-Side Bar.  messages

b) Or via mySTI @a glance. massages2

What’s the difference between Events and Messages? a) Events represent activities carried out in mySTI, e.g. new orders, uploaded files, feedback entry. Events should help to focus on important things.
b) Messages are routed to a specific person and/or business partner to exchange about an important topic.


What can I find in the Analytics section? In this area you will find a Interactive customisable reports that give you up-to-date and easy-to-understand insights. The dashboard provides an overview about order developments and performance. These features allow better decision-making that will help to make better predictions and maximise efficency.
I can’t see any dashboard data. What’s wrong? a) To view any data STI employees need enter a business partner (Customer or Carrier) in the blue field before opening a customer/carrier related dashboard. (colors blue and green)
b) STI only dashboards (orange color) requests business entries in the dashboard directly.


What can I find in the Administration section? You will be able to download and share transport related documents. Check the status of invoices and the billing process fast and easily. AND going paperless helps us to be more sustainable.
Can I enter/create new orders? a) Yes, you can create single orders via our order entry app.
b) Don’t miss the Re-book functionality to clone/copy orders directly via mySTI, which makes order entry easier. The function is available in the history apps of the Visibility modul. reload

How to upload freight documents and invoices? Several modules provide quick links to the module File Upload to upload all kind of transport related papers and invoicing documents. Select your file to be uploaded and follow the instructions. It’s easy to use. Don’t forget to doublecheck Tour number and Carrier match.
What does Self-Service in the File upload area mean? selfservice For particular document types (eg. 2500 = Freight documents) we offer the possibility do add more detailed information that allows a faster document check and invoicing process. 
Can I see/check the uploaded documents and related working status? Yes, please navigate to the File status Center that provide overviews for each party to monitor.


What can I find in the Operations sections? You will find loads and search for freight capacity in our STI network and have access to transport cost estimations for your individual transport needs. You will be able also to find out which hauliers were used the most and how often for which tour.
STI ONLY - Can I search for a truck? Yes, simply enter location and delivery date, define the radius and mySTI will show you any available truck capacity in this area. Easily connect with the main dispatcher responsible for the truck for further alignment. (by phone or message)
How can I highlight an open load in mySTI? (STI only) Select the transport order, plan the tour and allocate the BP Haulier mySTI (no. 100). The tour will be visible on mySTI. If you are interested, contact the main dispatcher via the message option.

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