Assuring Goods Safety

We ensure that your goods are always under ideal conditions, no matter how far they need to go.

Guaranteeing Capacity

Only audited and fully compliant carriers become part of the STI family.

Promising Quality

All entities are audited regularly to ensure the same high standards and quality of service.

Transporting Pharmaceuticals - Taking Quality The Extra Mile Because We Care

We care about providing safe and reliable transport solutions for pharmaceuticals as we know how indispensable they are to the health of everyone. Why do we care that much? Because transporting pharmaceuticals requires much more attention to detail and safety than any other goods transport based on the value and importance of the products. For us it comes down to protecting and caring for people´s health and safety.

Our video gives insights about how we at STI Freight Management make sure that pharmaceutical goods are protected every step of the way. We care, because we know that every supply chain link matters.

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Protecting your products every step of the way.

Pharmaceutical goods are high-value, very sensitive and highly regulated. That’s why it’s imperative that their transport protects not just their quality and effectiveness, but your investment as well.

STI has the expertise, network and technology to ensure that your pharmaceutical products arrive at their destinations exactly as they are meant to. We have rigorous control mechanisms and use fully calibrated reefer trucks with bulkheads and twin evaporators to provide the perfect environment for your products. Our team of pharmaceutical transport experts continuously monitor your consignments and liaise with your and our drivers regularly throughout the process.

We always work to the highest possible standards at every step of the way. To ensure that we do, we’re independently certified. We have good distribution practices (GDP) certification in Germany and are also IFS Logistics 2.2 certified (international featured standards) in Germany and Poland. Furthermore, we have ISO 9001:2015 Matrix certification for the entire group, which means that all entities must be continuously audited to regularly provide the same high standards and quality of service.

We also appreciate that more often than not pharmaceuticals are not transported in full truck loads. That’s why we offer our groupage service from just one pallet, which is a flexible, efficient and cost-effective solution. Regardless of the quantity of goods you need to transport, the quality we provide remains constant, giving you peace of mind that your products are in good hands.

We know how indispensable pharmaceuticals are to the health of everyone. If you would like to find out more about how we provide safe and reliable transport solutions, we invite you to watch our explanatory video: "Transporting Pharmaceuticals - Taking quality the Extra Mile Because We Care". 

We care, because we know that every supply chain link matters.

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