More than just a logistics company

Our company's values and culture matter to support everyone involved in the business in achieving their personal goals and at the same time to reach the company’s targets. No matter if you are a customer, a partner or a member of the team, we are dedicated to professionalism, transparency, and respect for the individual. 

When we say we go the extra mile, we mean it and that attitude is reflected in everything that we do. With over 270 experts working towards the same goal, we are a socially responsible company and aim to work with our customers, partners and hauliers in an ethical and transparent way.

With our 1-minute episode we would like to share more insights about our values and culture and how we can make a difference.
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We believe in a "people first culture"

We’re international and multicultural

Being international and diverse is at the core of who we are. Our teams come from a wide variety of countries and cultures and proactively work with our customers internationally to overcome challenges and provide solutions.

We’re diverse, accepting and inclusive

We believe as much in diversity of ideas as we do in the diversity of people. That’s why we accept everyone for who they are and embrace a range of diverse thinking. This reflects the society we live in today and we aim to positively contribute to it.

We foster our people’s development

Our team members won’t get anywhere if they’re standing still. That’s why we invest in regular training and development to help our people reach their personal and professional goals. From workshops and programmes to develop new skills to various courses, our people are always working on getting ahead and going the extra mile.

We provide and train for leadership

Having good leadership is just as important as fostering it. That’s why we provide training to ensure that our leaders are ready for the challenges presented by a rapidly changing and fast-moving marketplace.

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