Speed and efficiency

Nothing beats air freight when it comes to speed – for when your goods have to arrive as soon as possible. Perfect for emergency shipments of PPE or vaccines, for example.

Dedicated charter flights

We work with selected partners to arrange the transport of sensitive, time-critical cargo even outside of scheduled routes to almost any location in the world.

Safer transport and faster

Airports have strict security measures and air cargo can be unloaded quickly and efficiently, making things go even quicker.

Perfect timing – every time

Perishable goods, emergency shipments and critical materials need to move fast. That’s where air freight comes in, since we can offer solutions to ensure that chilled and frozen products make it to their destination without interrupting the cool chain or critical items such as PPE and vaccines arrive in time.

Our air freight solutions are ideal for making sure that your sensitive goods maintain their appeal to consumers and provide a long shelf life and that time critical items arrive in perfect condition. From special ‘cooltainers’ and shipments with dry ice to customised cold transport tailored to your exact needs, we have the longstanding expertise to deliver your goods quickly, efficiently and safely.

Air freight is also a perfect solution for fast replenishment when stocks run out. For high-value goods, this can make a big difference when compared with transport by sea or road.

Your specific transport needs are our priority and we offer flexible solutions, from single boxes to pallets. Our air freight experts are on hand to help you get your goods where they need to go, fast.

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