STI Freight Management's Values and How We Do Business

STI Freight Management’s values represent who we are now, who we have always been, and who we want to be.

They both ground us and unite us – guiding us across the globe on our path to a better future.

Based on our values, STI Freight Management has a broad understanding of compliance. Compliance is not just complying with law and internal policies; it also means acting with fairness and integrity, taking responsibility and creating an environment where employees feel safe to speak up if they have concerns.

Reporting Misconduct

At STI Freight Management, a proud member of the HAVI group, we utilize the Speak Up platform provided by HAVI. With Speak Up, we provide a process to report suspected misconduct at STI Freight Management, all our Business Units, and along HAVI. We want to clarify that the use of the Speak Up tool will display HAVI as the company name, reflecting our affiliation. Rest assured that, despite this, we will still receive any reported suspected misconduct. We encourage our employees, suppliers, customers, and other third parties to openly address issues and to report potential violations. Being informed enables us to counteract violations at an early stage and reduce damage to our company, our employees, and our business partners.

The Speak Up process can be used for all reports of suspected violations of any applicable laws or regulations. Everyone can file a report through where you will find various channels for reporting and details on the process, including our Speak Up Policy.

All reports can be made anonymously and will be treated confidentially.

STI Freight Management, as part of the HAVI group, is committed to being a 100% retaliation-free organization.

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