Strong partnerships

We have long-term relationships with class-A carriers who we trust and use often. This means you can profit from a reliable, knowledgeable and localised service.

Cost-effective transport

You can ship a wide variety of goods and quantities by sea and it’s a cost-effective, carbon-efficient methods of transport as well.

Extensive experience

We handle imports for quick service restaurants and supply cruise ships, so know the sector well.

Customs expertise

We take care of all the necessary paperwork for import, export and customs declarations.

Reliable, safe and cost-effective

Sea freight is the best way to transport large quantities of goods that are not as time-critical or temperature sensitive. It’s also possible to ship a wide variety of cargo with many different routes and vessels to choose from. Sea freight is the most carbon-efficient mode of transporting your goods and is generally cheaper than rail and air freight.

We have longstanding experience in coordinating all the external factors that lead to successful sea shipment. This includes pre-carriage transports to the port by keeping goods in ideal conditions and ensuring that the products arrive on time at the loading port. We also handle imports and exports of a variety of goods, particularly from Asia and can handle customs clearance as well. Just one example includes the import of promotional items and cutlery for quick service restaurants.

Our extensive network and strategic alliances with leading carriers mean that we can offer you complete transport solutions to just about anywhere in the world. We can provide you with local expertise for your global shipping challenges.

It doesn’t matter where in the world your goods need to go, our sea freight solutions will make sure they get there safely, efficiently and reliably.

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