STI FM's Virtual Management Meeting Drives Strategic Progress

Cross-European Collaboration and In-Depth Discussions Propel Ongoing Success

Recently, the STI FM Virtual Management Meeting (VMM) took place, bringing together an esteemed group of participants. The meeting saw the active involvement of all Managing Directors from all STI FM entities, the Chairman of EOT and BD, and representatives from various departments within STI FM Corporate. Key departments such as People Management, QA, Corporate Communications, Market Technology, and Change Management were all well-represented. Additionally, we were pleased to be joined by HAVI’s Representative for People Management.

The primary focus of the meeting was to assess the progress of action points resulting from our Management Meeting in Neuss in 2023. These action points, crucial to our ongoing success, were allocated to essential functions within our business. Each department was given the opportunity to provide detailed updates on their assigned tasks, discussing the current status of implementation and any challenges encountered along the way.

Moreover, the meeting included an open Q&A session that facilitated discussions on several crucial topics. These discussions encompassed a range of important areas including sustainability, the influence of AI on our operations, and strategic approaches to enhancing our SVC business. The open format encouraged active participation and allowed for a diverse range of perspectives to be shared.

This meeting marked the first session of the year. The collaborative atmosphere enabled the team to identify specific tasks to be pursued, either locally within individual departments or through collaborative efforts across the organisation. The constructive discussions and shared commitments highlighted our collective dedication to driving progress and achieving our strategic goals.

As we move forward, the insights and decisions from this VMM will play a pivotal role in shaping our initiatives and ensuring that we remain aligned with our long-term objectives. We are confident that the continued collaboration and shared vision within our cross-European team will lead to significant advancements and successes in the coming months.

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