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A Memorable 'Follow the Lorries' Trainee Work Experience

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STI UK had the privilege of hosting a very special guest, the 15-year-old daughter of their QA and Compliance Manager. She joined us for an extraordinary journey into the heart of our logistics world. As part of her school project, she accompanied the team for five days and sat with colleagues from each department, who graciously shared their expertise and made sure she experienced our business in a interesting and fun manner. We named this experience "Follow the Lorries ," symbolising the end-to-end journey we took with her to experience every single step of our operations. We also chatted about our company culture and how important it is for us as a company to create a good work environment for everyone. A big thank you goes out to every colleague involved for making this week not only informative but also enjoyable for our young guest.

Getting an idea about our business
Our dedicated young participant got to peek behind the curtain of our business, as she observed and learned firsthand how we gain new customers, process orders, plan the transport, and track the lorries via STIlive and the Transporeon Visibility Hub. Lastly, she also glimpsed into the financial side of our operation, including haulier payment and customer collections. Moreover, she learned how important each department is to ensure seamless operations and round-the-clock satisfaction .

The week closed with a get-together with the Managing Director, and a final wrap-up session led by the People Manager. During these interactions, we gained valuable insight into our young visitor's perspective, her ideas, and her suggestions for making the week even more impactful in the future. Her feedback was very positive, highlighting the knowledge she gained throughout the week, along with some suggestions we can explore to make the experience even better. “This was not just a one-sided learning experience. Thanks to the enthusiasm, knowledge, and involvement of everyone who shared their expertise, we managed to create an unforgettable adventure for Lilith.” the STI UK MD confirms. The team agrees that this was an experience filled with insightful conversations, hands-on learning, and bonding moments. Our guest herself appreciated that everyone was so welcoming and made a feel like part of the team. Rather than just a guest for a week, she felt like someone being trained for the real job as she got a hands on training. Experiencing the real work was great for her. What a fantastic feedback

Inspiring the next generation
As we conclude this incredible chapter, let us reflect on the impact we can have on young lives. By offering them opportunities for growth and helping them explore their interests, we shape not only their futures but also the future of our industry . Let’s continue to showcase the captivating world of logistics, inspiring the next generation of innovators, problem solvers, and industry leaders. We have the power to ignite curiosity, inspire young minds, and shape the next generation.

Thank you once again to our colleagues at STI UK for their outstanding contribution and for being a part of this extraordinary journey!

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