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Experience Logistics Excellence

Explore the future of logistics management with STIlive, our revolutionary online platform. Experience the convenience of streamlined operations, real-time tracking, and customized solutions, all within your reach. Prepare to transform your logistics journey by:

  • Streamlining Your Shipments: Easily oversee and monitor your shipments
  • Seamless Collaboration: Easily engage and cooperate with our team through our platform
  • Embrace Digital Documentation: Manage all documents electronically, eliminating the necessity of physical paperwork
  • Analysing and Reporting: Access intuitive dashboards for in-depth data analysis and report generation

STIlive makes everything more simple and seamless

All In
One Place

Easy access 
from any device

Easy Transport

Digital planning based on real-time, accurate information


Manage and track shipments quickly and easily


Direct and easy transfer of transport-related documents


Easily communicate and cooperate with our team online

What functionalities does STIlive offer?

Our user-friendly online platform provides you with total visibility and command over your shipments.


Have complete control over your shipments. Track your active shipments and temperature in real time, view your order history and upcoming transport. Provision of live vehicle locations make it easier for you to plan your operations. Get transport and order insights with valuable information and delivery performance indicators.


Customisable dashboards give you up-to-date and easy-to-understand insights about the order development and service reliability. These features support data-driven decision-making and allow better predictions and maximise efficency.


Share and access transport related documents online to save time and costs. This makes work easier, more effective and productive. And going paperless helps you to be more sustainable.


Enter transport orders fast and easy online. Clone recurring transport orders to save time as details only need to be entered once. Quick access to border waiting times provides valuable insights into potential effects on transportation durations.

Key Business KPI's
at a Glance

Have an instant overview about key transport relevant information. Keep track of total number of active and upcoming transports, on-time performance and access messages in no time.
Key Performance Indicators at a Glance

We hear you...

Our unwavering commitment has always been to simplify freight management and offer innovative solutions that empower you to seamlessly navigate your business.

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