Elevating Service Delivery:

Insights from the STI FM European Operations Team Meeting

We're delighted to share the latest from the recent European Operations Team (EOT) meeting in Madrid, where STI FM operations managers and representatives from across Europe came together to elevate service delivery. Here's a glimpse into the discussions:
Let's start by welcoming the newest addition to the EOT team, the new Operations Manager for STI UK Glasgow, who will take over the responsibilities of the current manager, who is leaving to pursue a new career in Australia. She will undoubtedly make a significant addition to the team, enhancing their capabilities and expertise
At the heart of the discussions was a steadfast commitment to operational excellence. Picture this: Operations leaders from STI FM entities across our group, all together to brainstorm ways to make our operations smoother, more efficient, and more transparent for all stakeholders, including valued customers, hauliers, and partners. The team’s aim is to ensure that everyone in the business benefits from the synergies created by EOT collaboration, ultimately enhancing the customer experience.

In addition to fruitful discussions, networking with colleagues from the BD team, who met at the same location, was a highlight. This cross-functional collaboration fosters innovation and ensures that strategies align seamlessly across departments, benefiting everyone.
Tamas Kurucz, chairman of the EOT team summarised the meeting as follows: “Transparency and collaboration remain key priorities as we work together to enhance our operations across Europe. We look forward to implementing the discussed initiatives and driving continued success. And last but not least also a big thank you from us to our colleagues from STI Glonet for their exceptional organisation, supporting a successful and productive meeting.”
Stay tuned as the journey towards operational excellence continues, ensuring that customers, hauliers, and partners receive the best possible service.

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