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STI (Deutschland) GmbH goes electric and is the first German company to test the new all-electric Schmitz Cargobull reefer semi-trailer S.KOe COOL SMART for its multi-temp transports and takes another important step to become more sustainable.

STI goes electric and implements first fully-electric trailer

How exciting STI is the first company in Germany to have the new fully electric Schmitz Cargobull S.KOe reefer semi-trailer with an electric transport cooling unit and a generator axle on the road! At the moment there is only one further prototype of this e-trailer in use by a company in the Netherlands!

Welcoming an e-trailer to our fleet has been in the making for quite a while. In fact since the IAA in 2018, during which the first study for full electric trailers was presented, the German team followed the development of the e-trailers closely as becoming greener and being a pioneer in inspiring sustainable logistics are the main goals of the company. When Schmitz Cargobull introduced a new all-electric trailer for everyday operations in the multi-temp sector exchanges started immediately to find out more and identify which advantages it could offer to STI to reduce the carbon footprint.

“As a logistics company operating across Europe, we are aware of our responsibility to shape a more sustainable future. It is very important for us to be proactive and identify and use technological solutions to reduce our impact on the environment”, says Drazan Malesevic, Managing Director of STI (Deutschland) GmbH. “For this reason, we did not hesitate when Schmitz Cargobull offered us to try test their all-electric body box semi-trailer.”

Without a doubt the e-trailer is a great addition to the 155 regular high-end temperature-controlled trailers that are already part of the German fleet. The all-electric S.CUe cooling unit is designed for emission-free cooling and heating of the freight in the multi-temp range. It is not only emission-free due to the fact that the battery is powered via the e-axle during transport and the power grid while parking, it is also fully connected with the Schmitz Cargobull trailer portal which allows continuous monitoring of the trailer, including temperature, system and battery status. In addition when pulled by a truck that is using alternative fuels it can enter “zero emissions zones” and is considerably quieter than a diesel powered trailer. This means that it also protects residents in the delivery and parking areas from diesel fumes and noises.

The e-trailer will be put through the test over the next 24 months to identify if it offers the benefits STI Germany is hoping for. “During this time we want to understand how the trailer works and, through consistent data collection, determine how sustainable the e-trailer really is and if it fulfils our high quality requirements. We are working closely with Schmitz Cargobull during this time and if the test will be successful, we will surely add more e-trailers to our fleet. This means that up to 200 trailers could legitimately carry the "Zero Emissions" logo in future”, adds Oliver Exner (Senior Manager Operations STI).

We are all very excited to see how this test will proceed and will keep you posted about the development. STI – Inspiring sustainable logistics!

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