Insights from STI FM's European Operations Team Meeting in Stockholm

From Road Toll Management to Digital Innovations, Our Operations Managers Chart a Course for Collaborative Excellence in Temperature-Controlled Transport

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Gathering in the heart of Stockholm, our Operations Managers recently met up for the STI FM European Operations Team Meeting (EOT).

The meeting delved into top current topics, from managing the dynamic landscape of road toll costs across Europe to navigating diverse cabotage rules for smooth cross-border operations. Real-time visibility and digitalization took center stage, featuring our cutting-edge Online Platform, STIlive.

Discussions also revolved around maximizing STIlive's functionalities for informed, data-driven decision-making. This strategic approach aims to support the supply chain and manage all transports to the full satisfaction of our customers.

A key takeaway was the recognition of the need for a joint meeting with the European Business Development team to foster collaboration, addressing shared challenges and opportunities through enhanced knowledge exchange. The team looks forward to discussing this idea with the Business Development Managers and turning it into reality.

Ensuring continuity and stability, the current EOT chairman is set to lead the team into the next year, reflecting the trust and confidence vested in our leadership.

As our European logistics family continues to take quality the extra mile, the Stockholm meeting exemplified the power of collaboration, transparency, and strategic thinking. By embracing change and proactively addressing industry challenges, we are well-positioned to provide exceptional services and experiences to our customers. The commitment to innovation and a shared vision for the future will undoubtedly propel our company to new heights in the dynamic world of temperature-controlled transport.

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