Enhancing Expertise: S.T.I. Polska Sp. z o.o. Operations Team Advances Insight in Transport Law

Empowering our Team through Comprehensive Training on Transport Claims and Regulations

Our Polish subsidiary recently organized a specialized training session for its Operations Team on Transport Law, conducted in collaboration with the distinguished Legal Advisors at IURIDICA.

Conducted on December 2nd and spanning six hours, this intensive training aimed to equip planners and managers with essential knowledge and skills, ensuring they stay well-informed and up-to-date with the latest legal content in the logistics industry.

Key Training Objectives:

  • Handling Transport Claims: Team members looked into best practices for addressing and efficiently resolving transport claims, ensuring a streamlined process.
  • Responsibility for Transported Goods: Valuable insights were provided into the legal aspects of transporting goods, outlining key responsibilities in the process.
  • Rights and Obligations of Parties: Emphasizing a comprehensive understanding, the training highlighted the rights and obligations of all parties involved in the delivery process.
  • Reacting to Requirements and Regulations: The training equipped the team to react swiftly and appropriately to evolving requirements and regulations embedded in transport orders.
By investing in this training, STI Polska reinforces its Operations Team's expertise, enabling them to navigate the intricate landscape of transport law with confidence. This initiative reflects a commitment to providing top-tier logistics solutions while upholding the highest standards of legal compliance.

In conclusion, Kamil Ofmanski (Operations Manager) sums up the training as follows: “As we continue to invest in the professional development of our team members, we are well-prepared to maintain our position as a leader in the field. The Operations Team at STI Polska is committed to elevating expertise, taking quality the extra mile, and providing exceptional logistics solutions to our valued clients, our colleagues and partners.”

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