STI Greenwood Forest - Planting the Extra Forest

Exciting Update: Witness the Transformation of the STI (Deutschland) GmbH Reforestation Project!

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We are excited to share that the ambitious reforestation project “STI Greenwood Forest - We are planting the eXtra Forest” of our STI (Deutschland) GmbH team is really doing well !

Since STI Germany partnered with  Treemer® gGmbH beginning of 2022, we have witnessed an incredible transformation! The once bare and brown 7,200 square metres of land now shine with vibrant shades of green. It truly is a sight to behold ! The tree saplings are still small and delicate and it will take years for them to grow into magnificent trees. But we are thrilled that our German colleagues have taken the first step towards creating a stunning forest.

In spring, fir, evergreens, ancient sequoia and hybrid walnut were planted and the summer has gone quite well so far, as it has rained a few times. Cherries, walnut, black walnut, hybrid walnut, robinia, hackberry, aspen, larch, lime, for example, are thriving quite splendidly this year. The rain also means that the entire vegetation is blooming, which unfortunately also means that one can't see the small trees so well. But that is okay, because in addition to the small trees, various herbs are also growing, which are ideal for insects. After all, our project is not only about planting trees, we are building a haven for diverse species and nurturing an intricate web of life. Our mission goes beyond the mere act of reforestation; we are committed to rejuvenating the entire ecosystem and restoring its balance.

Despite all best efforts, the project faced a minor setback this season – a lack of rainfall in May. Unfortunately, a few trees, especially the firs, did not survive. Thanks to the Treemer team, everything is under control. They are ensuring the survival of the existing tree saplings and continue to plant new ones to fill the gaps.

Speaking of gaps: In a neighbouring area, the bark beetle destroyed the last large spruce. This shows how important our project is ! By planting a mixed forest with fir trees, we ensure that biodiversity is maintained and that we promote ecological balance.

For the remainder of the year, Treemer will graze the area to give the tree saplings more room to grow. At the same time, the gaps will be filled with new seedlings and the fence will be regularly checked for any intruders. After all, we want to prevent wild animals from eating up all that we are building with so much care.

We are proud to create a forest and ecosystem full of climate resilient species. Together we plan to bring back the lush greenery and embrace sustainability for generations to come.

Stay tuned and be a part of our journey to make a profound and lasting impact on our environment as we continue to share updates on the progress of the STI Greenwood Forest in Germany 🌳✨.
And if you should wish to support our project and donate to help plant even more trees, please click this link: Help grow the STI Greenwood Forest !

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