Rolling Into A New Era:

Introducing Our New STI Freight Management Trailer Design

We are delighted to share the next chapter in our rebranding journey – the unveiling of our new trailer design. This marks a significant milestone following the successful launch of our new logo just a few weeks ago.

The inspiration behind the new trailer design is deeply rooted in our commitment to innovation, quality, and our specialized expertise in temperature-controlled transport. It mirrors the modern and dynamic spirit of our company, providing a fresh visual representation.

Please don't be surprised if a trailer with the old design still arrives to deliver your goods; it's all part of our gradual transition as the existing trailers will not be rebranded.

To provide a clearer distinction between the old and the new designs, we are sharing images of both trailers again. The one on the top represents the familiar look that will continue to be visible on the road, while the one on the bottom showcases our exciting new design.

We can't wait to see the first trailer with the new design on the road.

Stay connected with us on to witness the latest developments and be part of the conversations surrounding our evolving brand.

For those who have been with us since the launch of the new logo, we extend our sincere thanks. Your positive response has been inspiring, and we are eager to continue this journey of growth and transformation together.

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