S.T.I. Italia S.r.l. obtains the IFS Logistics 2.3 Certification

Congratulations to the entire Italian Team for Taking Quality The Extra Mile!

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STI (Deutschland) GmbH at the McDonald's Charity Gala 2022

Time to celebrate within the STI Freight Management Group! S.T.I. Italia S.r.l. has been the fourth STI FM branch to successfully obtain the IFS Logistics 2.3 certification. With this certification the team has proven that they provide excellence in quality and customer satisfaction and ensure comparability and transparency throughout the entire supply chain. 

Our Italian subsidiary was audited by KIWA Cermet Italia S.p.A. in November and passed on a higher level. The preparation for the certification started in October 2021 and the team had to face several obstacles. By walking the extra mile the team overcame the challenges that the pandemic and the move to the new office threw at them prior to the audit and everyone was ready for the audit when the audit date approached. “At the beginning it seemed pretty challenging, and in the end it was”, Stefania Allgretti, QA Manager of STI Italia says “However, step by step I had the opportunity to develop further improvements in our daily job to be ready for the certification process. It was a great satisfaction to pass the audit after all the efforts put into the preparation.”

IFS Logistics marks the common goal of trade and industry to create transparency and trust across the entire supply chain. This IFS standard, which was specially developed for activities in the areas of storage, distribution and transport as well as loading and unloading, can be implemented both when handling food and with non-food products. The audits are carried out by qualified auditors from independent, accredited and approved certification bodies and the requirements of IFS Logistics are divided into six chapters:

• Corporate responsibility
• Quality and product safety management system
• Resource management
• Performance
• Measurements, analyses, improvements
• Product Defense

“I am very pleased and that, thanks to our reliable and committed employees, we have been able to meet the requirements of the IFS Logistics 2.3 certification. The achievement of the IFS certification is one of the essential steps that marks the course of a new STI Italia once and for all!” Samuel Pedrielli, Managing Director of STI Italia says. “We are a pragmatic, resolute, efficient and goal-oriented company. Therefore I am particularly happy with this extraordinarily good result and success; and surely more will follow. I am very proud of my entire team and what we have achieved together”.

Well done and congratulations to the entire STI Italia Team! That’s what we call Taking Quality The Extra Mile!
STI (Deutschland) GmbH at the McDonald's Charity Gala 2022

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