S.T.I. (U.K.) Ltd.’s First Haulier Conference:

Fostering Transparency, Building Partnerships

Unlocking Success Through Collaboration

S.T.I. (U.K.) Ltd. recently organized its first-ever conference dedicated exclusively to its valued hauliers, and the results were outstanding. The conference spanned multiple days to ensure the participation of all hauliers, marking it as a significant milestone in STI UK's collaboration with these essential partners.

During the conference, each department at STI UK took the stage to introduce itself, providing hauliers with valuable insights into their roles and responsibilities. This transparent approach aimed to deepen the understanding of the 'Why' behind STI UK's operations. Topics covered various aspects, from the company's focus and market insights to E-Bidding procedures, QA & Claims, Operations, Customs Management, Sustainability, and the introduction of the new digital freight management platform, STIlive.

Two special guests added expertise to the conference. Graham Usher Managing Director Hulsteins UK, shared insights on the Hultsteins Ecogen 2 system a hybrid-drive system that harnesses kinetic energy from the truck and recycles it into electrical energy for the transport refrigeration unit, emphasizing sustainability and CO2 emission reduction. Additionally, Claire Coney a nutritionist from Lifestyle Nutrition UK presented "Healthier Eating On-The-Road," offering practical tips for the better well-being of drivers during road travel.
At the heart of the conference was the interaction between teams and hauliers, fostering engagement and networking opportunities. Participants gained a profound understanding of the 'Why' behind STI UK's operations, contributing to a more meaningful partnership.

The presentations not only provided valuable information but also highlighted the passion each team member has for their department and the work that they do.

Pierre Henry, Managing Director summarised: “This event has been one of the best things we have done this year! The conference was a resounding success. The feedback from hauliers was overwhelmingly positive, expressing appreciation for the informative and enjoyable nature of the conference. It emphasises the importance of building better partnerships, creating transparency, and understanding to enhance support for the business.”

Such conferences not only build strong connections but also foster a common understanding of the significance of quality services in the transport industry. STI UK’s commitment to taking quality the extra mile was evident throughout.

We look forward to more events within our group in the future and continuing to strengthen our partnerships with our haulier partners. Thank you to everyone at STI UK who participated in making this conference an immense success.

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