STI Polska Hosts Strategic Summit:

Visitors from STI Freight Management Headquarters Connect with Polish Team for Collaborative Strategy Talks

STI Polska recently hosted a significant event that brought together representatives from our German headquarters, STI Freight Management GmbH, and all Polish employees.
For the event our Polish team welcomed the STI FM Change Manager, People Manager, Senior Manager QA & Environment, Senior Manager Market Technology, and our Vice President. Together they convened at a beautiful location, with the primary focus of the meeting being on building collaboration and strategic planning.
Fundamentally, the event highlighted the importance of unity and teamwork, emphasizing the need for collective efforts towards our common goals. Local managers used the opportunity to share their business plans and visions for future growth, sparking engaging discussions.
The agenda covered various topics such as overall group strategies, pathways for digital progress, and the upcoming employee survey. Discussions also explored the crucial role of maintaining quality standards and introduced new initiatives like our innovative online platform, STIlive.
Throughout the exchange of ideas and insights, the spirit of camaraderie was evident. Recognizing the importance of togetherness, the event seamlessly transitioned into team-building activities, strengthening bonds among participants.
As the day ended, a sense of achievement filled the gathering, concluding with a friendly dinner that capped off a day of productive exchanges. The event not only symbolized a coming together of minds but also showcased the enduring ethos of collaboration and camaraderie that defines our company culture.

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