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Embracing Diversity and Inspiring Engagement at Our Workplace:
A Fruitful Roundtable Discussion with all employees of STI Spain

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The team of  S.T.I. Glonet S.L. in Spain recently held an engaging roundtable discussion, focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I). We would like to highlight the successful outcomes of this session, during which our colleagues shared feedback, exchanged ideas, and set the stage for future actions.

Creating Engagement and Collaboration:
Prior to the roundtable, all employees had the opportunity to suggest topics they deemed important for discussion. Two main topics were chosen: flexible working hours and cross-department communication. These topics resonated with the workforce, reflecting their desire for work-life balance and improved internal collaboration.

A Milestone Achieved:
The Managing Director considers this roundtable discussion as an important milestone achieved in fostering communication and exchange with employees. It was heartening to witness everyone's openness and willingness to contribute to DE&I dialogue. The informal nature of the roundtable created a welcoming environment, free from hierarchies, where every voice was valued.

Positive Feedback and Innovation:
During the roundtable, employees shared positive feedback and exchanged valuable ideas related to the chosen topics. Flexible working hours emerged as a sought-after benefit, promoting a healthy work-life balance. Cross-department communication was acknowledged as crucial for effective teamwork and the exchange of diverse perspectives. These ideas sparked innovative strategies that can enhance their work environment.

Inspired Collaboration:
The relaxed and inspired atmosphere of the roundtable event encouraged open dialogue, allowing for the free flow of thoughts and perspectives. Employees from different backgrounds and departments engaged in meaningful discussions, fostering connections and promoting a cohesive work culture. This event served as a catalyst for collaborative efforts to further enhance diversity and inclusion in our workplace.

Collecting Ideas on a Mural of Change:
To ensure all ideas are collected and progress is effectively tracked, we have embraced the "Mural of Change" concept. This mural will serve as a visual representation of the ideas shared during the roundtable. All employees will have access to the Mural of Change, empowering them to contribute ideas, suggestions, and provide updates on the progress made. This collaborative effort will allow us to celebrate achievements, identify challenges, and ensure that our actions align with our collective goals.

Next Steps: Building on Success:
Building upon the success of the roundtable, we are committed to implementing the ideas and suggestions put forth by employees. By addressing these topics, we aim to enhance work-life balance and foster a more collaborative work environment.

Engaging Our Workforce:
We recognize the importance of continuous engagement and dialogue with our workforce. To achieve this, regular forums, similar to the roundtable, will be organized. These platforms will provide opportunities for ongoing discussion, collaboration, and progress towards our DE&I objectives.

The achievement of fostering open dialogue and exchange in a hierarchical-free environment is commendable. We are inspired by everyone's engagement and will actively work towards implementing the ideas generated during the roundtable. Together, the Spanish team will promote diversity, track progress on the Mural of Change, and continue creating a supportive and inclusive environment where every employee can thrive. We are looking forward to learn more about the next steps.

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