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Real Time Visibility at its best!

SixfoldOur digital transformation journey to becoming a Digital Freight Manager continues and we have reached another milestone to deliver seamless, high quality and reliable transport solutions to create best customer experience.

Not only the COVID19 crisis proved that we were right in deciding to create more transparency and achieve better efficiency by gradually digitizing our business with state-of-the-art technology and new tools beginning of 2019. Also our customers` demands made us speed up the process to transform our business and by that also meet our own expectations to become more agile and smarter in the way we work.

So today is a good day as we can announce that we have achieved one elementary piece on our journey to digitally transform by forming a partnership with the real-time visibility provider Sixfold ( to provide EU-wide customers with real-time information on shipments and delivery times.

The decision for Sixfold was taken as they provide the best solution to meet our business demands and support our journey to become a Digital Freight Manager.
Together with Sixfold we will be able to provide real-time and predictive visibility into the supply-chain to increase efficiency, improve performance and enhance customer service. At the same time we will enhance our customers and hauliers journey and support them to improve the efficiency at their end.

The tool will enable us to decrease empty mileage and improve the utilization of truck capacities, optimize our transport planning and by that reduce CO2 emissions and driven mileage. Most importantly it will lead to operational efficiency and excellence and by that to higher customer satisfaction.

In the coming weeks we will be onboarding our carriers to Sixfold and train our teams who are eagerly waiting to use this tool as it will enable them to create less comprehensive work routines and make their planning tasks easier. Soon our customers will be able to benefit from all the advantages we gain through this tool as well. It will change the way we work considerably. 

“We are beyond excited to support STI on its journey to becoming a digital freight forwarder. In today’s transport market, having predictive visibility at any given point in time is important for logistics service providers not only to better serve their customers, but also to enable them to optimize their own transport planning and operations", says Wolfgang Wörner, Sixfold’s CEO. “STI is an early-mover in the LSP market, enabling it to reap the benefits from digitization long before others have realized that this is where the market is going.”
As you can see, STI’s digital transformation journey is in full swing! We will keep you updated about the further development. 


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