STI (Deutschland) GmbH: Successful completion of the E-Trailer test phase

“Electrifyingly Eco-Friendly: Sustainable Logistics on the Fast Lane of Success

Following the successful two-year test use of the Schmitz Cargobull (SCB) fully electric semi-trailer box S.KOe COOL prototype, the STI (Deutschland) GmbH team has now taken delivery of the production model. "Over the course of 2 years, our team dedicated their time to rigorously testing the prototype and providing feedback to SCB. During this time SCB further developed the E-trailer and we are now pleased to add the production model of the S.KOe COOL to our fleet," says Drazan Malesevic, Managing Director of STI (Deutschland) GmbH.

During the personal handover of the e-trailer from Schmitz Cargobull, our team had the opportunity to gain a detailed overview of the fully electric semi-trailer’s functionalities and individual components. While the core technology of the S.Koe COOL trailer has remained unchanged since the trial's inception, we are pleased to note that the battery life has undergone significant improvement. Currently, the battery can cool the trailer self-sufficiently for 5 to 7 hours, ensuring that our perishable goods remain in optimal condition during transportation. Looking ahead, SCB has informed us that they are working tirelessly to enhance the trailer battery life, with a target of at least 9 hours in the coming years. This upcoming improvement will undoubtedly be a significant asset to our operations, allowing for extended journeys for the temperature-controlled goods without the need for frequent recharging.

During the test phase, our German team identified areas of improvement, which were transparently shared with SCB. One such area was the necessity to extend the battery charging station network that drivers can use during their breaks. By addressing this key requirement, we aim to enhance the overall efficiency and convenience of using the electric trailer. Additionally, our team has recognised the potential for diesel fuel savings. To support SCB in their ongoing efforts, the German team will actively involve the driver who uses the e-trailer. The diesel consumption of the truck will be analysed every four weeks, as the engine has to work harder when the axle generator is switched on. This data will contribute to further reducing diesel consumption and optimizing the transportation process.

In conclusion, Drazan Malesevic is pleased to draw a positive balance: "While we previously used the prototype exclusively in hub-hub short-haul transport, we are now planning to gradually use the new model in long-haul transport as well. We have taken another important step towards reducing our carbon footprint and firmly believe that this innovative technology will shape the future of logistics. As we embrace sustainable solutions, we look forward to the further collaboration with SCB and improvements in the years to come. Together we can offer more sustainable logistics solutions!"

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