Una Notte Italiana

German Team Cooking Event for the RMHC in Essen, Germany

ronaldOur colleagues from STI Freight Management GmbH and STI (Deutschland) GmbH spoiled the families staying at the Ronald McDonalds House in Essen with a Italian dinner on 04 July 2019. Fresh salad, tomatoe and mozzarella sticks, handmade pizza and Mousse au chocolate – "What does the heart want more".  
All guest were thrilled by the delicious food and in particular by the team who made sure that everyone felt comfortable and had an enjoyable evening to just relax after a busy day.

Sabine Holtkamp, Leader of the RMHC House summarised it like this: “A great evening with a great team. Empathetic, organized, funny and very well structured. It was a great pleasure for us having the team with us!”


Same goes for the STI colleagues, who enjoyed every minute of the lively evening. Each participant confirmed: “It was fantastic for us to be able to give something to the families and see the smile on their faces because they had a good time.”

The next cooking event is already in the making and we are all looking forward to it.

If you would like to learn more about the RMHC house in Essen, Germany, and which possibilities there are to support their work, please visit: https://www.mcdonalds-kinderhilfe.org/essen/unser-haus/

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