The next milestone in the path towards digital transformation

We use Sixfold real-time visibility platform to further optimise our logistics services

We are pressing ahead with the digitalisation of our transport solutions. This is made possible by our cooperation with Sixfold GmbH, the European real time visibility provider, which offers a platform for clients to receive real time information about shipments and estimated arrival times. “With Sixfold’s professional skills, we’ve managed to move one step closer to our goal of digital transformation,” says Sidney Podday, Manager Market Technology.

All relevant  information is shown clearly on an online platform and a tracking link available on the client portal makes it flexible and easy for our customers and partners to find out where shipments are at any time. The direct transmission of all transport-relevant information to clients and partners makes the logistics process even more transparent and increases clients satisfaction. In that way, our clients profit from the platform sustainably. Further benefits come from its intuitive interface and multilingual operation. “Sixfold’s solution allows us to reduce empty mileage and improve the utilisation of our trucks as well as optimise our transport planning and reduce CO2 emissions and kilometres travelled in the process,” Sidney Podday says. 

After intensive testing and a six-month pilot phase, we decided to go with Sixfold. They were able to provide the most exact and reliable data for logistics indicators such as estimated time of arrival and the company is also leading in the area of artificial intelligence. This allows them to support us with its platform and its further development into a Digital Freight Manager – that’s our company’s motto, “Taking Quality the Extra Mile” in the truest sense of the term.

We are very happy about this cooperation and will keep you posted about the further development of our Digital Transformation Journey on a regular basis.

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