STI Hungary takes action to
reduce their CO2 emissions by
20 % until 2026

STI Hungary was the first company in Hungary to join the Lean and Green Programme "The Road To Zero Emission in Logistics" in October 2020. Two years in their membership Peter Csipes, MD of S.T.I. Hungary Kft., recaps the achievements so far. Since joining STI Hungary had the opportunity to exchange best practices and ideas with many Lean and Green Members. This helped them a lot to set clear goals and find best ways to measure their efforts to minimise CO2 emissions.

In our STI FM People Talks Peter took the time to explain to us, why it is so important for the company to take actions to reduce C02 emissions and by that minimise the environmental impact.
“Minimising our environment pollution is very important to us as we are aware of the impact the logistics and transport industry has.” Peter says, “We cannot sit and wait, we need to be proactive and take actions.”

The Lean and Green programme supports shippers and carriers to improve their carbon emissions and get started with a CO2 action plan to reduce the environmental impact. STI Hungary joined as their recognise how important it is to reduce CO2 emissions and take action.

Watch our STI FM People Talks Video with Peter to get all insights and get in touch if you would like to learn more about it.
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