Celebrating Dedication to Excellence:

STI Glonet S.L.’s Success in Unannounced IFS Logistics 2.3 Assessment

At STI Freight Management, we are excited to share some remarkable news about our subsidiary, S.T.I. Glonet S.L..
In a recent unannounced assessment conducted by Kiwa Espana, S.L.U, the STI Glonet team demonstrated exceptional dedication and professionalism, achieving an impressive score of 99.12%. This achievement underscores their relentless pursuit of excellence in every aspect of their operations.
This exceptional achievement holds even greater significance due to its unexpected nature. The unexpected assessment presented STI Glonet with a rare opportunity to demonstrate the unwavering quality of its operations, consistently upheld day in and day out, within the standard conditions of its operations in Spain. Achieving such an impressive score without prior preparation reaffirms the company's steadfast commitment to maintaining the highest standards of service quality, safety, and efficiency on a daily basis.
For our clients and partners around the world, this achievement is a clear testament to what STI Glonet stands for: reliability, quality, and excellence in logistics services. It's a confirmation of their ability to not only meet but exceed the rigorous demands of the industry, ensuring the utmost satisfaction and peace of mind for those they serve.

But this success is not just about numbers; it's about the dedication, hard work, and expertise of the entire STI Glonet team. It's a reflection of their culture of continuous improvement and commitment to maintaining the highest standards in everything they do.

As STI Freight Management, we are incredibly proud to see our subsidiary, STI Glonet, achieve such a significant milestone. This accomplishment is a testament to our shared values and dedication across the STI Freight Management family.

We extend our sincere appreciation to our dedicated Spanish team, whose hard work and commitment have made this achievement possible. Additionally, we express gratitude to our valued clients and partners for their continued trust and support.

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